FMC-4000 Flight Mission Computer (FMC)EP-1000CT Image Generation System

Part of the Rockwell Collins Flight Mission Computer (FMC) families, the FMC-4000 combines high scalability and rugged design with small size and low power. This makes it an optimal system for unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopters as well as fighter mission computers trimmed for the highest performance and robustness.
The FMC-4000 is based on a set of highly integrated common modules that are typically housed in small form factor or standardized enclosures. The common FMC-4000 modules use a 3U form factor and are based on latest VPX technology. Internal communication paths use high-speed serial links, which have replaced parallel busses. PCI Express, switched Gigabit Ethernet and RapidIO link provide an internal communications bandwidth of up to 10 GBit/s between two participants.
All interfaces typically used in avionics architectures (e.g., SDI, HD-SDI, DVI and Gigabit Ethernet) can equip the FMC-4000. It provides a path for future technology upgrades and allows for the integration of third-party hardware and software.